Rsync speed over network.

Mozzi linux at
Tue Nov 12 09:03:01 EST 2002

Haile the list ;-)

I am new to this list and this is my first post so grretings to all and 
  nice to meet you.

I am setting up rsync here to do a MASSIVE copy from one machine to the 
I am moving mail servers so I must copy /var/spool/mail/ over to the 
other machine.
I understand and have used locally the copy methods(manpage is good) but 
I need to ask what will be the fstest possible way to copy over the data 
from one machine to the other
I have setup two gigabit ethernet cards with a crosover cable and used a 
private ip address range ( between them so security is not an 
I have about 80 000 mailfiles giving a total of about 50Gigs, obviousely 
downtime has to be kept to a minnimum.

Tx all

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