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uwp at dicke-aersche.de uwp at dicke-aersche.de
Tue Nov 12 00:20:00 EST 2002

On Mon, 11 Nov 2002, Paul Faure wrote:

> Try it without ssh.

But ssh have those nice authentication features...

> ssh may be waiting in the random pool for more entropy (randomness).
> When it grabs a lot of random data, it must wait for more "random" things

Are you sure bout that ? I'm throwing a lot of data through my machines
with ssh (also more than 15 - 20 MB/s) and it never got such a strange
problem that network speed starts high and ends up in a terrible slow

> to happen to populate the random pool, if it did not do this, your random
> data would be predictable and thus insecure.

Hm, but to create those big files I never had those effects. It was
all the way straight. It's just a problem during rsync to another
machine ?

> Try `ls -R /*` on your system when it slows down.

You don't mean that, don't you ? I mean this process should run
autmatically by night sometime...

And to say it clear again: it's just the network that slows down
not the whole machine and it does it only with rsync. Tomorrow
I'll try to test it with standard rsh, maybe it's the connection
between ssh and rsync that doesn't work good.

Anyway, thanx for all your answers. At least I'm a small step

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