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Sat Nov 9 05:41:01 EST 2002

>>>>> "FB" == Franco Bagnoli <franco.bagnoli at>
>>>>> wrote the following on Wed, 6 Nov 2002 10:14:28 -0600 (CST)

  FB> I though I could produce the "signature" of files on home
  FB> computer, store it on a zip, go to job, run rsync to copy the
  FB> missing or altered files on the disk (possibly in zipped form)
  FB> and produce the new signature file, and repeat it once at home.

  FB> I think this could also be seen as a backup system (on cdrom or
  FB> similia).

  FB> Is this feasible with rsync? Is there a better approach?

As Donovan Baarda already mentioned, you should probably use rdiff.
If you need to do the same thing with multiple files and want to keep
track of permissions, new/deleted files, etc., you may want to check
out rdiffdir, which is included in the duplicity package.  It combines
multiple rdiff signatures or deltas in tar format files.  See

for more information or to download.

Ben Escoto
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