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If you can keep two copies of everything, you can use the --write-batch 
and --read-batch (if they work)...
you sync your local mirror, take the batch files to the other system, and 
apply them to both copies there, then work there.  A the end of that run, 
you sync that sessions changes and take those batch files back.  You'll 
have to get them in sync in the first place, and again if you get them out 
of sync.

You mention zip drives...
why not have a drive on each system, and do all your work on one disk?

Also, you mention the cost of modem lines... you can't use a regular voice 

How far apart are these two systems, physically?  Perhaps an 802.11 with 
waveguide antennae solution would give you what you a fast, free, mostly 
secure link.

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hello, I'm new to this list. 

here is my question: 

I would like to synchronize two computers (say the home one and the job
one) using zip drives or similar (cdroms, etc), since modem lines are
quite slow and expensive (in Italy). 

I though I could  produce the "signature" of files on home computer, store
it on a zip, go to job, run rsync to copy the missing or
altered files on the disk (possibly in zipped form) and produce the new
signature file, and repeat it once at home. 

I think this could also be seen as a backup system (on cdrom or

Is this feasible with rsync? Is there a better approach? 


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