FW: rsync-cvs mail list archiving broken??

Green, Paul Paul.Green at stratus.com
Tue Nov 5 23:30:30 EST 2002


If I can be of any help, please let me know. While I don't have a lot of
free time, either, I enjoy working on open-source software and have several
years of experience porting it to our system.  I'd be happy to try to lend a
hand from time to time, applying well-formed patches or looking at bugs.
Maybe my slack and busy periods would happen at different times from the
other maintainers...  I have access to a number of different operating
system environments to test things, not just my own. (Tho I guess the build
farm obviates the need for that, to a degree).  I want to fix rsync so that
temp file names are not longer than the original name (while still unique).
Our system has a name limit of 32 bytes, and so adding 5 or 6 chars is not a
good idea.


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On 10 Oct 2002, "Green, Paul" <Paul.Green at stratus.com> wrote:
> No new CVS messages have appeared on the rsync-cvs archives since August
> 30th.  This seems rather odd-- perhaps a daemon stopped working?   If
> has truly been no activity since that date, I apologize for
> disturbing you.

I think there really have been no commits since then:


We are all slackers and/or overworked. :-(

I did see your Stratus (sp?) patch, and it looks harmless and useful.
I have a lot on at the moment but I don't mind merging it when I or
somebody else gets a chance.


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