rsync -- batch mode. bug?

ThejoKrishna tkrishna at
Tue Nov 5 18:45:03 EST 2002

Hi all,
I am using the following rsync command.

rsync  --write-batch  -av --stats `cat $1` -e ssh user at host:/dirPath/

This is what is happening.

1.	I have a list of , say 10 files.
2.	On first attempt, all files are successfully rsynced.
3.	When, I repeat the same command again, the files are MISSING on the 
destination machine.
4.	From the log, it looks like the files are NOT being transferred, 
but when the process completes, they are gone!
The log shows:

Number of files: 			10
Number of files transferred: 	0
Total file size: 				1778 bytes
Total transferred file size: 		0 bytes
Literal data: 				0 bytes
Matched data: 				0 bytes
File list size: 				289
Total bytes written: 			301
Total bytes read: 			20

Any pointers?

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