No time on rsync log file when running on windows 2000

addady at addady at
Sun Nov 3 13:27:01 EST 2002


The rsync log file show only the date without the hours and minutes,
when running on windows 2000.

For example:
2002/11/03  [273] rsync to ami/AMI from ami (
2002/11/03  [273] rsync: error writing 15 unbuffered bytes - exiting:
Connection reset by peer
2002/11/03  [273] rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12)
at io.c(463)
2002/11/03  [267] rsyncd version 2.5.5 starting, listening on port 873

Changing the setting of the rsyncd.conf not help much.
Any idea, Is it cygwin issue ?


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