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Scott Sipe css at
Fri May 31 18:31:01 EST 2002

Hi, I'm using rsync to backup files from a file server at an office to a
remote location.  The office connection is a DSL line (fairly slow--40KB/s
avg) that is NAT'd through an OpenBSD 3.1 box.  The rsync server is behind
the NAT box with a private address of  Using pf I expose the rsync
server with:

# Rsync
rdr on fxp1 from any to any port 873 -> port 873

On the remote side, the connection is a cable modem (capable of downloading
much faster than the office can send).  The home computer is behind a
Netgear cablemodem NAT router, wit a private address of  (So
both ends are NAT'd, if this makes a difference).

Both sides are running FreeBSD 4.5 (one is running 4.6 prerelease--since the
final version is due out within the next couiple days I would expect it to
be fairly stable), with the latest version of the rsync port (rsync-2.5.5_1
is the port number).

First question--on the server logs it complains: (it seems to spit that out
everytime I trigger a remote rsync)
May 31 20:51:00 boudicca /kernel: May 31 20:51:00 boudicca rsyncd[75171]:
/etc/pwd.db: No such file or directory

This doesn't seem to make a difference though.

Secondly, I can rarely finish synching.  I tried for about a week to sink
one share (~9GB of data in total) and never was able to get more than 1GB.
Eventually I took the remote rsync client physically into the office and
synched on the local network fine--no errors, all 9GB done in about 20
minutes or so iirc.  I was able to synch ok for 2 days from the remote
location and now got more errors.  The output on the client looks like this:

receiving file list ... done
rsync: error writing 4092 unbuffered bytes - exiting: Broken pipe
rsync: read error: Operation timed out
rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(463)
rsync error: received SIGUSR1 or SIGINT (code 20) at main.c(784)

FILESAVE.TXT is an 11MB file.

I have the client automatically email when the synch finishes with the
output.  On the server side the error is:
May 31 20:59:37 boudicca rsyncd[75171]: rsync: error writing 4096 unbuffered
bytes - exiting: B
roken pipe
May 31 20:59:37 boudicca rsyncd[75171]: rsync error: error in rsync protocol
data stream (code
12) at io.c(463)

The server config is:
max connections = 10
syslog facility = local3
secrets file = /etc/rsync.secrets
read only = yes
auth users = scott
list = yes

        comment = Userdrive
        path = /userdrive
        comment = Cats Files
        path = /cats

the command run from the client is:
/usr/local/bin/rsync -apogtv --delete --stats
scott at --password-file
/etc/rsync.password /cats/ 2>&1 | /usr/bin/mail -s "Rsync Report (Cats)"
css at

I had read somewhere that verbose might screw things up, but it still
doesn't complete even on quiet mode.

Some more info, the two shares I'm trying to synch are being served at the
office with Netatalk and Samba.  The cats share for which I posted logs
above is only samba, no netatalk.

So that's my problem.  I hope I gave enough information to give some idea of
what is going on.

Scott Sipe
css at

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