XFS acls in rsync

Olivier Tarnus olivier.tarnus at skynet.be
Thu May 30 13:58:02 EST 2002


I'm actually building a big file server for my company and is testing rsync 
intensively since two weeks to synchronize a stand-by server every 15 
I've been really impressed by the performance of rsync :-)

The filesystem is actually 140GB on XFS under linux running samba with 
acl support... And you already know the problem :-)

Google told me you are planning full acl support (aka cross fs acls support)
in version 3, but i can't wait for it, so i want to code a patch to support 
XFS acls.

Assuming i'm a C programmer with some experience do you think it's 
doable (20-30 h)?

Could give me some hints about where to look first?

Many thanks to rsync developer... And SGI too :-)

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