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Wed May 29 10:11:58 EST 2002

There's probably a directory somewhere under /tmp on the destination that 
this user does not have write permissions for.  A file under it doesn't 
exist on the source, so this user is trying to delete it, and failing 
(this, or some variation thereon).

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I've looked in a lot of places but found nothing. I'm trying to perform an
rsync between 2 RH 7.2 boxes with kernel 2.4.14. My rsync version is 2.4.6
protocol version 24

Here is the command I'm passing:

/usr/bin/rsync -a -vv -C --progress --delete -e ssh /tmp

Everytime I run this command with one of the users, I get this error:

"building file list ... pop_dir /tmp : Permission denied"

The strange thing is that I have about 5 users who have the same
permissions to run this command, but only one of them gets it. Any ideas?


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