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Tue May 28 06:23:03 EST 2002


I have just begun using rsync at Caroline Chisholm Catholic College,
Braybrook, Australia. To complete backups of our home directories to an off
site server. The link between the servers is 32MBps (soon to be 100MBps when
Australian Comms Authority licence for the microwave spectrum goes through)
and both servers are 1GHz Celerons with 512MB RAM.

They both run on a 120GB RAID 0+1 configuration (120GB available to use,
240GB total in disks). They are running Linux, with kernel version 2.4.15.
100MBps network cards in each.

I have run rsync to copy 100GB across the link (multiple sized files, mp3s
(unfortunetly students like their illegal music), word files, databases,
etc) I have not had a single problem with it. Rsync seems to use all the
bandwidth it can get, but since the syncronisation is completed overnight
(2am) there is no worry about it distrupting network operations.

Great work guys.

Mathew McKernan

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Subject: rsync bottleneck

> Hello,
> I'm planning to use rsync for backup a lot of nodes to one rsync server
> wan.
> I'm aware of the fact that on big directory tree rsync will consume a lot
> memory
> and some time even hang.
> Do you have any estimation on how many rsync client can work with one
> at the same time ?
> I can control each client bandwidth. What will be the bottleneck on the
> server resource ?
> Is there any role of thumb.
> My server running Linux 1Gh Pentium cpu and 512 Mb memory.
> Please share your experience.
> Thanks
> Dib Urim
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