Version incompatibility...

Rsyncuser bradb at
Wed May 22 21:59:01 EST 2002

After lots of testing, I believe that I have discovered my problem. I am 
trying to use rsync to synchronise a Red Hat 7.2 Server and a RedHat 7.3 
Server and they have different versions of rsync on them.

I set up 2 x Red Hat 7.3 machines, both running rsync-2.5.4-2 and they work 
fine, transferring files via rsync with no problem.

Here is my test rsyncd.conf on the server "linuxstation"

uid = root
gid = root
read only = no
path = /tmp

After placing the appropriate entries in the /etc/hosts files of all PCs, I 
created a single-line text file in /tmp on the workstation called "zz" and 

rsync -avt /tmp/zz linuxstation::home

It transferred fine.

I then used ftp to transfer the linuxstation /etc/rsync.conf file to a Red Hat 
7.2 machine running rsync-2.4.6-5,  and placed it in the /etc directory. I 
ran "rsync --daemon" on the server and confirmed that the service was 
running. I then changed the client command to reflect the name of the new 
server, which is "storageserver":

rsync -avt /tmp/zz storageserver::home

It just hangs for about 2 seconds and then does a cr-lf and drops back to a 
hash prompt. No errors or anything, and no file transfer.

I have been to the rpm repository, but there are no newer versions of rsync 
for RedHat 7.2, so I have downloaded the rsync 2.5.5 source and compiled it 
on both platforms and now it works fine.

RPM has it's place, but it is often better to just compile the source.

Has anyone else had a similiar experience with rsync?


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