rsyncing read-only files

Mike Rubel mrubel at
Wed May 22 18:52:01 EST 2002

> I have two machines, call then A and B. I'm using rsync on B to download
> from A (I'm running rsync in daemon mode on A from inetd.conf). The rsyncing
> on B works fine except for one problem: when I run rsync on B to do the
> downloading from A, I get permission denied for files on A that have mode
> 600. 
> Is there a way to get rsync to download all files, irrespective of their
> modes?

Hi Stewart,

I may be wrong, but this sounds like it might be a file permissions
problem and not an rsync problem.  Files that have permission 600 can be
read and written by their owner, but no-one else.  If their owner is root,
then rsyncd can only read them if it is running as root.  What user is
rsyncd running as now?  Here's one way to find out:

ps -f `pidof rsyncd`

If this is indeed your problem, you have a couple of options:
1) run rsyncd as that user (works, but potential security issue)
2) find a new solution

Hope that helps--

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