file size 0 or null content

Eric Whiting ewhiting at
Tue May 21 12:56:02 EST 2002

I think I was one of the 3 people to see this problem.

Our setup was a Solaris 8 client writing to a Network Appliance NFS 
server. We do our rsyncs direct to the box with the disk on it when we 
can, but in the case of the Netapp storage we have to use NFS.

I guess I should be sure that the automatic --whole-file option is 
disabled when I'm writing to NFS disk like that -- but in the case where 
ssh is the transport isn't the rolling checksum active even if the 
source/dest are distinct hosts and both running against NFS storage? If 
not then I need to disable that somehow.

The --checksum flag cleaned up the file will nulls for me.


Dave Dykstra wrote:

> You're the third person I've heard about lately saying they saw nulls in
> files copied by rsync, but the first on such an old version.  What are the
> operating systems of the NFS client and server?  The case I heard about
> before was a solaris client and sunos4 server and I suspected it was a
> problem with NFS.  To recover from the situation you can add a --checksum
> option so rsync will detect the corrupted files; otherwise it skips over
> those that it has previously copied and have matching timestamps & sizes.
> By the way, rsync is designed to work most efficiently when it operates on
> local disks, so if you can run rsync on the NFS server you'll probably be
> better off.  When going over NFS as you are, it appears to rsync as if
> it is a local disk-to-disk copy and the most recent versions automatically
> add a --whole-file option to disable the rsync rolling checksum algorithm.
> - Dave Dykstra
> On Thu, May 16, 2002 at 10:51:35PM -0700, girish adiga wrote:
>>Hi All,
>>	I am using rsync version 2.4.5  protocol version 24
>>Some times the file size will be zero or the file
>>contains NULLs when used rsync. ? 
>>The command i have used pasted below.
>>I want to sync file c to my local m/c.
>>cd /net/a/
>>for file in `ls */c`
>>rsync -rR --delete $file <Local Dir Path>
>>This is run every 1 hr using cron job to update file c
>>in local directory.
>>Is there anything wrong in command.
>>Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
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