exit code 23 - inappropriate error for copying symlinks?

Kevin J Walters kjw at ms.com
Tue May 21 07:08:03 EST 2002

>>>>> "k" == Kevin J Walters <kjw at ms.com> writes:

k> I've just created a small directory as an example, it holds a file and 
k> two symlinks that don't point to anything, and another symlink going
k> nowhere in a subdirectory.

k> rsync (2.5.5) is happy to copy these but produces an error. I can't
k> see why it considers this an error? It's not even aborting after it
k> first encounters this 'error'.

Ah, i'm using rsync 2.5.5 at one end, and rsync 2.4.3 at remote end.

The problem goes away when i specify the correct matching version with



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