W2k and Win98 over a cable modem

Arthur Taylor Arthur.Taylor at noaa.gov
Mon May 20 08:10:01 EST 2002

I think this is related to Petter Osterlund's post...

I have two CYGWIN machines: a Win98 (400 megHz) (with a cable modem) and
a Win2K (1.4 megHz)  (attached to a token ring network) that I am trying
to use rsync with over the Internet...  I got things to work for a small
directory (150 files. 5 megs).  I was using a -azvPu flag with --delete
and --modify-window=1 and -e ssh

The ssh server was on the Win2k machine.

I then tried it with a large directory (300 megs > 1500 files).  It took
an hour, CPU was high on the Win98 (couldn't tell what it did to the
Win2k), then it said some sort of bad IO (I think it was error 11) and

I figured maybe the ssh was slowing it down, so I set up a rsync server
(with user authorization and host identification (BTW: nice job with the
tcp_wrapper like implementation)) on my local machine (the Win98), and
used the :: stuff.  Again I got it to work with a small directory, and
then tried to do it with a larger directory... same results.  I switched
to only a -a flag (since I thought the -z option was eating CPU), but it
crashed again on my last try before I gave up last night.

Any suggestions on how to diagnose this, or what might be going on?  One
thought I had was to try the --bwlimit option.  Has anyone else done
this sort of thing (large'ish directories over the internet between 2
CYGWIN machines using rsync)?


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