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Thanks for info.
Let me clear what I want to achieve from this.
Right now first1(/afs/tr/software ) is running has a master and a period of
time second1(/afs/ddc/software) will take over, after that first1 will not
exists. I am in the process of transition work. Currently first1 is owned
by some one else and second1 is, we are going to maintain in the future.
One solution is I can cutover and transfer directly, but it is not
immediate and mean time I should see how it works on second1 environment
and for that purpose I am started maintaining second1( need to modify
hardcode paths and things like that) and also I would like to reflect
changes made in first1. So thinking of using rsync.

Now you can give suggestion, which one is feasible?
Thanks a lot

Warm regards,
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Doesn't AFS do inter-cell communication?  Why not just have first1 -
/afs/tr/software be the RW replica, and  second1 -
/afs/ddc/software be a RO replica?  You just release them all instead of
messing with rsync
at all?  With the source constantly changing, you'll generate a lot fewer
errors that way, and it'll be a lot easier on your resources.

If AFS can't do this, I apologize for the useless info.  My experience is
with IBM/TransARC DCE/DFS (and that's almost 2 years stale).

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   I had a question on rsynch'ing, please do help me on this,
     I have scenario where,I need to synch the two softwares, where both
the software are across the network, on different cells( AFS cells).
    For ex: first1 - /afs/tr/software , second1 - /afs/ddc/software
            Both the softwares are same & fist1 cell will be constantly
updating and I need to synch this software to sencond1. In this scenario
what command I should use ?

   I will appreciate your great help.

Thanks in advance

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