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Yeah.  You'll have to find a way to break the job up into smaller pieces. 
It's a pain, but I have a similar situation - 3M+ files in 130+Gb.  I 
can't get the whole thing in one chunk, no matter how fast a server with 
however much memory, even on Gb ethernet (for the server).  In my case, 
the filesystem is on NAS, and the NAS has only 100bT simplex (half-duplex, 
to some).
I have some code that can be used to analyze your system before the sync, 
and choose directories containing no more than a maximum number of items 
below them.  Iterating through the list and using -R can let you get the 
whole thing run, though --delete and -H become less certain (not 
dangerous, but if you don't name anything containing a deleted directory 
because it didn't come up on your list, youll never tell the destination 
to delete it, and if you have two hard links to the same file, but hit 
them in two seperate runs, you now have two copies on disk).
Let me know if you want it.  I'm sure you can figure how to modify it for 
your environment.

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I´m trying to rsync a 210 GB Filesystem with approx 1.500.000 Files.

Rsync always dies after about 29 GB without any error messages.
I´m Using rsync  version 2.5.5  protocol version 26.

Has anyone an idea ?

Thank´s Clemens

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