possible bug rsync-2.5.5 rsyncd.conf option "max connections"

Dick Snippe Dick.Snippe at tech.omroep.nl
Thu May 16 04:53:06 EST 2002


I think i may have found a bug in the "max clients" option in rsyncd.conf
[we use rsync-2.5.5; All platforms I tried (Irix-6.5.14 and various linux
flavours) show the behaviour explained below]

The manpage says:

|max connections
|      The  "max connections" option allows you to specify
|      the maximum number of simultaneous connections  you
|      will allow to this module of your rsync server. Any

However, it appears that the check also counts connections to other modules.

Simple example:

|        path = /
|        max connections = 1
|        path = /
|        max connections = 2

Now try these two modules in parallel, where the first line is
started before the second line:
|shell1 $ rsync -an server::foo /tmp/foo
|<starts spewing output>
|shell2 $ rsync -an server::bar /tmp/bar
|<starts spewing output>

This works, as expected.
Now for a new experiment:

|shell2 $ rsync -an server::bar /tmp/bar
|<starts spewing output>
|shell1 $ rsync -an server::foo /tmp/foo
|@ERROR: max connections (1) reached - try again later

Imho module foo complains about the connection to module bar;
Could this be a bug?

After some browsing in the code I guess that the problem might be that
only one lockfile /var/run/rsyncd.lock) is used for all modules.

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