strange password problem with rsync

Stewart Mclean S.Mclean at
Wed May 15 18:14:04 EST 2002

Hi guys, I am experiencing a very strange problem with passwords and
username with rsync. 
I have a "auth users" line in my /etc/rsyncd.conf file (see below) and a
corresponding username and password in my /etc/rsyncd.secrets. The strange
thing is is that authentication for the module listed in /etc/rsyncd.conf
(unixadm) only works IF the username in /etc/rsyncd.secrets is the same as
the module name in /etc/rsyncd.conf. If I try any other username in
/etc/rsyncd.secrets and /etc/rsyncd.secrets I get "@ERROR: auth failed on
module" messages. Can anyone shed some light of what I am experiencing and
how to fix it?

Here is my /etc/rsyncd.conf and /etc/rsyncd.secrets files:

syslog facility = local3
max connections = 1

        path = /home/unixadm/web
        read only = no
        list = yes
        uid = unixadm
        gid = staff
        hosts allow = x.x.x.x
        hosts deny = *
        auth users = unixadm
        secrets file = /etc/rsyncd.secrets

unixadm:password here

Thanks in advance,

Stewart Mclean
UNIX Support Group
Information Management Services
Curtin University of Technology
GPO Box U1987
Perth 6845
Ph: (08) 9266 7495
Email: stewart at

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