Number of Files Processed?

Breedlove, Robert RBreedlove at
Wed May 15 08:19:25 EST 2002

I am using the following command to mirror a directory between two Sun
systems using rsync 2.5.5:

/usr/local/bin/rsync --verbose --archive --delete --ignore-errors
--exclude-from=$HOME/ems.exclude $SOURCE $DEST

It appears that deletes and even transfers are being affected by the number
of files. Here is a look at the directories:

/data/EMS/data : 1
/data/EMS/hist : 0
/data/EMS/parameters : 6089
/data/EMS : 36
Files Found: 6126

As you can see, this is a relatively small number of files. As I understand
it, each file accounts for 100 bytes (612,600 bytes) of memory. We have
2,048 Meg memory on these systems. When I remove the "/data/EMS/parameters"
directory, things work fine.

Can someone advise me on this? Thanks.

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