Status Query - Please respond - Re: Patch to avoid 'Connection reset by peer' error for rsync on cygwin

Bob Byrnes byrnes at
Tue May 14 09:37:02 EST 2002

On May 14,  6:26am, maxb at (Max Bowsher) wrote:
-- Subject: rsync digest, Vol 1 #717 - 12 msgs
> + After thinking about it a bit more I'm somewhat inclined to call it a
> + bug in Cygwin and try to get them to fix it.
> Well, you could, but I'd much prefer it if you didn't :-)
> I guess its time for you to make an executive descision - Is it reasonable
> to include code in rsync to close sockets, even though exit() does it anyway
> on most platforms. I would argue that a few close_socket() calls woudn't
> cause any clutter - but then my interest is obviously focused on cygwin.
-- End of excerpt from Max Bowsher

Are you all aware of the work done by Jonathan Kamens last July?
See bug 3236 ...

Sorry if this has already been discussed: I am joining the thread late.

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