doc bug: --delete option differs between host:/ and host://

Christian Hammers ch at
Tue May 14 05:00:03 EST 2002

Package: rsync
Version: all
Severity: wishlist
Tags: +upstream +patch


I want to notice you of a very annoying behavour regarding the --delete
option. Although people are aware of the difference between writing
	host:/directory  and 

It is not clearly documented in the manpage how "host:/" is handled. Doing
	rsync --archive --relative ... --delete host:/ my_backup_dir/
works fine, as long as you only copy files, so the syntax seems to be
correct. But somewhen you will realize that your dir is growing steadily
as rsync does simply skip any deletions! The workaround is writing:
	rsync --archive --relative ... --delete host:// my_backup_dir/

Please include maybe the following passage to the manpage:

--- rsync.1.old Tue May 14 13:49:37 2002
+++ rsync.1     Tue May 14 13:51:33 2002
@@ -557,6 +557,10 @@
 prevent temporary filesystem failures (such as NFS errors) on the
 sending side causing a massive deletion of files on the
 destination\&.  You can override this with the --ignore-errors option\&.
+Be aware that you have to write "host1:// host2:/target/" if you want to use 
+this option recursively starting on the root directory. 
+"host1:/ host2:/target/" does not delete any files.
 .IP "\fB--delete-excluded\fP" 
 In addition to deleting the files on the



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