Problems with the rsync command line syntax for multiple files

Dave Dykstra dwd at
Mon May 13 11:32:04 EST 2002

Works for me.  What does "*.html" expand to?  I'm using rsync 2.5.5 but I
don't think that would be different from 2.4.5.

- Dave Dykstra

On Mon, May 13, 2002 at 01:40:26PM -0400, Peter M?ller Neergaard wrote:
> I feel completely stupid for asking this question, but I have an
> essential problem of getting the syntax right for synchronizing
> multiple files.  I am trying to use rsync to synchronize files
> generated in one directory with our public directory our web server.
> We have a number of files with the extension html so I have tried the
> following command line:
>   rsync  *.html /cs/church-data/www/root/reports
> I would expected it to match the third line from the usage:
>   Usage: rsync [OPTION]... SRC [SRC]... [USER@]HOST:DEST
>     or   rsync [OPTION]... [USER@]HOST:SRC DEST
>     or   rsync [OPTION]... SRC [SRC]... DEST
> but it results in rsync printing the usage information.  I also tried
>   rsync Wells:TUFE-1996.html Wells:UMSR-1995.html /cs/church-data/www/root/reports/
>   rsync Home.html /cs/church-data/www/root/reports
> and only the latter work.  So it appears that rsync has trouble
> parsing more than one parameter as source.  Is this correct, or am I
> overlooking some completely obvious?
> I am running rsync version 2.4.5 on a Sun Solaris machine: 
>   types:/<4>wwwreports-dont-edit/bibtex2html > rsync -v
>   rsync version 2.4.5 Copyright Andrew Tridgell and Paul Mackerras
>   rsync is a file transfer program capable of efficient remote update
>   via a fast differencing algorithm.
> Thanks in advance
> Peter
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