rsync 2.5.5 and the exclude directive

pyxl pyxl at
Mon May 13 06:22:01 EST 2002

Hi folks, me again.

I'm writing this primarily so that it will get posted to a listserve 
archive and snarfed up by Google for future people's note.

When using the exclude directive in rsyncd.conf (i.e. using rsync from 
inetd), I've found that it appears to be implemented to operate in one 
data flow direction only, that direction being "out" of the "share" (or 
as described in the documenation, from the "module").  In bound data is 
not filtered by the exclude directive - in fact, the exclude directive 
is completely ignored.  To do in-bound exclude filtering for a share, 
you must either restrict access to the parts of the filetree using 
filesystem permissions and the uid and gid directives, or put your 
exclude clause(s) in your client-side rsync command.

I've seen lots of folks complaining about "no syntax documentation for 
the exclude directive", which is actually inaccurate.  The exclude 
syntax is indeed well documented, as long as you read the bit of 
information about the additional matching options supported (blah, 
blah/, blah/* and blah/** matching being the primary differences), and 
you know how to build a basic regex (about which there are ooogobs of 
information on the 'net), you're golden.

Anyways.  Even though the exclude directive is implemented in a 
surprising and not immediately obvious manner, rsync is great.  Thanks 
to all the developers for your hard work.


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