Status Query - Please respond - Re: Patch to avoid 'Connection reset by peer' error for rsync on cygwin

Martin Pool mbp at
Sun May 12 03:39:01 EST 2002

On 10 May 2002, Max Bowsher <maxb at> wrote:

> The problem was especially severe here, because rsync didn't even
> close the socket in these cases - it would write its last data, then return a
> couple of times, and exit().

It should not matter:

       The function _exit terminates the calling process
       "immediately". Any open file descriptors belonging to the
       process are closed; any children of the process are inherited
       by process 1, init, and the process's parent is sent a SIGCHLD

> We could have a shutdownsocket(). Is it worth it for just for 2 lines of code?
> shutdown(fd, SHUT_WR);
> close(fd);

Yes, because (if this is really necessary) then it's a workaround for
a platform bug and so not obvious.

After thinking about it a bit more I'm somewhat inclined to call it a
bug in Cygwin and try to get them to fix it.

> PS: Someone mentioned that 2.5.6 has branched in CVS. I'm a bit of a
> CVS newbie unfortunately - what is the command for 'what branches
> exist in the repository?'

"cvs log" or will show you all the tags and
branches.  But at the moment there is only really one branch.


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