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Sanity in Anarchy sanity at
Sat May 11 16:42:02 EST 2002

On the 'resources' area of the rsync website, I found a link
to a quick howto on using rsync with cygnus.  After a quick
look over it, I found something that might be useful --
the doc says to create a special batchfile for rsync, to
pass it the correct environment.  In fact, I see no conflict
between cygnus' environment and a standard windows
environment.  I didn't know where to send this but here, but
the simplest solution is to go to Start => Run (under
Windows), type 'msconfig' in the dialog box, and edit the
autoexec.bat shown there.  Or, of course, you could use
Win32 builds of Vim or Emacs to edit the real file ;-)

Will someone please send this to wherever it needs to go to
update that doc?  Or at least tell me where to send it.

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