bug report

Wayne Davison wayned at users.sourceforge.net
Sat May 11 01:38:10 EST 2002

OK, I just checked in a change that uses some of your suggested text to
remove a bit of the chattiness.  I also improved the RSYNC_RSH section
to mention the legality of command-line options.  See if you like it

--- rsync.yo    2002/05/09 21:44:46     1.99
+++ rsync.yo    2002/05/11 08:31:55     1.101
@@ -515,8 +515,16 @@
 remote copies of rsync. Typically, rsync is configured to use rsh by
 default, but you may prefer to use ssh because of its high security.

+Command-line arguments are permitted in COMMAND provided that COMMAND is
+presented to rsync as a single argument.  For example:
+quote(-e "ssh -p 2234")
+(Note that ssh users can alternately customize site-specific connect
+options in their .ssh/config file.)
 You can also choose the remote shell program using the RSYNC_RSH
-environment variable.
+environment variable, which accepts the same range of values as -e.

 See also the --blocking-io option which is affected by this option.

@@ -982,8 +990,8 @@
 more details.

 dit(bf(RSYNC_RSH)) The RSYNC_RSH environment variable allows you to
-override the default shell used as the transport for rsync. This can
-be used instead of the -e option.
+override the default shell used as the transport for rsync.  Command line
+options are permitted after the command name, just as in the -e option.

 dit(bf(RSYNC_PROXY)) The RSYNC_PROXY environment variable allows you to
 redirect your rsync client to use a web proxy when connecting to a


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