bug report

terrell Larson terr at terralogic.net
Fri May 10 11:44:01 EST 2002

I'm new to this list and I hope this is the proper way to submit a bug.  If not then please advise.  Also I'm not a list subscriber so please email me directly and cc the list if appropriate.

I beleive I have found a bug in rsync.  It is reproducable and easy to confirm.


If rsync is directed to copy a directory tree into another machine and the target directory does not exist then rsync will not create the required path and instead issues this message:

mkdir failure:  No such file or directory


rsync -av --progress -e "ssh -1" /etc/           $1:/altsync/$HOSTNAME/etc

This example is being called from a bash shell.  $1 is the name of the target machine and the idea is that several machines will be backed up to the chosen target with the following directory 


If the target "hostname" directory exists, then rsync runs.  If the target "hostname" directory does not exist, rather than creating it, rsync bombs because the mkdir for "~/hostname/etc" fails.




documentation shortcomming:

The above form of the -e option is not documented.   IMHO it should be.

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