rsync & cron

Jiri Cvrk cvrk at
Fri May 10 04:22:02 EST 2002


when I use rsync from commandline (RH 7.2, ssh2), it works fine.

rsync -e ssh -a -v  zaloha at  /home/m/aaa.txt

but when I try to use it in crontab such as
33 11 * * * rsync -e ssh -a -v  zaloha at  /home/m/aaa.txt

33 11 * * * rsync -e ssh -a -v  zaloha at /home/m/aaa.txt

I have also tried this rsync command in script.. and always I get the following.

 Aborted by user!
 unexpected EOF in read_timeout.

What should be wrong?

Thank you for any help.
Jiri Cvrk (CZ)

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