Send Password with RSYNC_PASSWORD ore --password-file

Manfred Gnaedig rp40265 at
Sat May 4 13:56:02 EST 2002

lets trie at first with out ssh.

I was trie this:

setenv RSYNC_PASSWORD mypassword
rsync --verbose --compress --recursive /home/www/web10

But i get this:

bigspace4you:~ # /etc/rsync.script
building file list ... done
mkdir : No such file or directory (1)
unexpected EOF in read_timeout
bigspace4you:~ #

I know i am not an expert fore this but i hope somebody can help me.
Manfred Gnädig

> Ssh is asking you for the password.  However, the --password-file option
> (as well as the RSYNC_PASSWORD environment variable) only affects
> transfers to an rsync daemon, which you are not using (the rsync daemon
> syntax requires 2 colons after the hostname).
> So, you either need to switch over to using an rsync daemon (and leave
> the "-e ssh" option off), or you need to setup ssh so that it doesn't
> prompt you for a password (testing it w/o rsync first is easiest).
> One way to setup ssh is to enable an RSA authorized key on the server
> you're connecting to.  Look for the discussion of the files identity,
>, and authorized_keys.

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