rsync as a backup solution

Eric Echter eric.echter at
Fri May 3 14:59:01 EST 2002

I would like to get some opinions on a backup method using rsync.  I already
have a script written to mirror the data over to a backup script from a cron
that is run every night.  I've also been tempted to use the "--delete"
option to keep everything up to date on the backup server.  However, this is
probably a bad idea in the event my data is deleted from the "/home"
directory (just as an example) before the cron runs.  When the cron runs and
this isn't noticed before hand, the "/home" directory on the backup server
will probably be whiped out as well, correct?  So, do all you that use rsync
as a backup method not use the "--delete" option, or do you keep maybe a
separate weekly backup safe somewhere else.  Of course, we do have our data
center making tape backups of the backup server as well, but let's assume we
didn't.  Thank you!

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