[rsync-announce] rsync release candidate rsync-2.5.5rc1 available

Jeff Sumey jsumey at hhs.net
Sun Mar 31 04:12:26 EST 2002

Hi Martin,
An avid rsync fan here...
I've been using rsync between 2 Solaris 8 x86 boxes for over a year now with
excellent results.
I updated box#1 from 2.4.6 to this 2.5.5rc1 and box#2 still running 2.4.6
still worked great.
I just updated box #2 to 2.5.5rc1 as well, and it still works great.
Using gcc 2.95 to compile on both ends.
Thought you'd appreciate this info...
Jeff Sumey, A. Prof.
Dept. of Applied Engineering & Technology
California University of PA.

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> The rsync team is happy to announce the availability of a 2.5.5
> release candidate.  If no serious bugs are reported against this
> version it will become release 2.5.5 at the end of this week.
> If you use rsync, please test this release candidate so that the final
> release of 2.5.5 can be reliable.  In particular, we would appreciate
> test results from people running Solaris or BSD, and from anybody who
> has reported rsync bugs in the last week.
> Thank you to everyone who contributed information or patches.
> You can download this from
>   http://samba.org/ftp/rsync/
> rsync release candidate 2.5.5rc1 (26 March 2002)
>     * With --progress, when a transfer is complete show the time taken;
>       otherwise show expected time to complete. (Cameron Simpson)
>     * Make "make install-strip" works properly, and "make install"
>       accepts a DESTDIR variable for help in building binary packages.
>       (Peter Breitenlohner, Greg Louis)
>     * Fix situation where failure to fork (e.g. because out of process
>       slots) would cause rsync to kill all processes owned by the
>       current user.  Yes, really!  (Paul Haas, Martin Pool)
>     * Fix test suite on Solaris.  (Jos Backus)
>     * Fix minor memory leak in socket code.  (Dave Dykstra, Martin
>       Pool.)
>     * Fix --whole-file problem that caused it to be the default even
>       for remote connections.  (Martin Pool, Frank Schulz)
>     * Work around bug in Mac OS X mkdir(2), which cannot handle
>       trailing slashes.
>       <http://www.opensource.apple.com/bugs/X/BSD%20Kernel/2734739.html>
>       (Martin Pool)
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