rsync-2.5.5rc1: two problems on Apple Darwin (== MacOS X)

Martin Pool mbp at
Thu Mar 28 16:11:59 EST 2002

On 27 Mar 2002, "Nelson H. F. Beebe" <beebe at> wrote:

> [A search of the rsync.mbox archives shows this reported in mail
> from Derek Sivers <cdbaby at> of Wed, 27 Feb 2002 13:20:02 -0600
> and followups, with the suggestion to use --disable-ipv6.  I'd still
> rather have it build out-of-the-box without the need for additional
> configure switches.]

Yes, I agree that would be better.  Perhaps we can look for the
presence of freehostent..

> get_local_name count=6 /local/build/rsync-2.5.5rc1/testtmp.chgrp/to/
> mkdir /local/build/rsync-2.5.5rc1/testtmp.chgrp/to/ : No such file or directory (1)
> unexpected EOF in read_timeout

Are you really sure you're using 2.5.5rc1?  It's just that I'm pretty
sure that message no longer comes out in that format.

If you updated your build directory from a previous version, you might
need to do "make clean" first.  If you're doing "make installcheck"
you need to do "make install" first.  (See v1.141 vs 1.148 of main.c)

If the error still occurs, could you please set a debug breakpoint in
do_mkdir and see what's happening?

> For comparison, I also ran the Apple-supplied version of rsync through
> the test suite:
> % /usr/bin/rsync --version
> rsync version 2.3.1  protocol version 20
> ...

The three tests that fail depend upon debug hooks that were added
after 2.3 was released, so they should be expected to fail with 2.3.1.


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