Excludes not working

Brashers, Bart -- MFG, Inc. Bart.Brashers at mfgenv.com
Sat Mar 23 10:24:06 EST 2002

> > I've tried all possible combinations
> > of leading and trailing slashes, stars, etc, found in the man page:
> > 
> >  /mnt/pc/machine/D/Music
> >  /mnt/pc/machine/D/Music/
> >  /mnt/pc/machine/D/Music/*
> >  /mnt/pc/machine/D/Music/**
> >  mnt/pc/machine/D/Music
> >  mnt/pc/machine/D/Music/
> >  mnt/pc/machine/D/Music/*
> >  mnt/pc/machine/D/Music/**
> > 
> > The rest (even those with dreaded spaces in the names) 
> > work.  But it still keeps copying and updating this guy's 
> > music files (lots of WAVs). 
> I don't understand why those paths are getting copied at all; they're
> not under /mnt/pc/machine/share.  Or are you using the word "share" as
> a generic name meaning something like "C" and "D" and you're 
> copying them both?

Yes, sorry, an inconsistency on my part!  The "s" in samba/smb stands for
share.  Replace "D" with "share" and my explanation is consistent.

> > I'm not an expert with rsync, so someone please correct me 
> > if I've got this wrong, but I think the way to exclude 
> > /mnt/pc/machine/D/Music would be like this:
> >   /Music/
> > Otherwise it's looking to exclude:
> >   /mnt/pc/machine/share/mnt/pc/machine/D/Music,
> > which of course doesn't exist.
> Assuming Bart is actually specifying /mnt/pc/machine/D as the source,
> Mike's answer is almost right.  The paths will start with "D" 
> since that's the basename of the source and the source doesn't 
> end with a trailing slash.  If I were Bart, I'd add the trailing 
> slash so the paths can start with Music.

I added the trailing slash, re-wrote my script (called by crontab) to 
use --exclude-from=exclude.$machine for each $machine, and created the 20 or
so exclude.* files (almost all identical) for the windows boxes.  I can now
exclude on a per-machine basis, each relative to /mnt/pc/$machine/$share/.
It works!

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