Anonymous rsync server on LAN

btober btober at
Fri Mar 22 20:33:20 EST 2002

> On 21 Mar 2002, Berend Tober <btober at> wrote:
> >
> > hosts allow =
> > hosts deny = *.*.*.*
> >
> Try taking out the "hosts deny" line.
> --

Am I reading the documentation wrong? What I read in the documentation, and
the way I've seen other implementation of allow/deny, is that the "hosts
allow" takes precedence, i.e., if a host allow entry is matched, access is
permitted and the host deny list is not consulted. The host deny entries are
tested against only for entries that don't match the host allow set. In
other words, the allow/deny set pair is interpreted to mean "deny anyone on
the hosts deny list, unless they are on the host allow list".

If the system works as the documentation says it does, then what I have
should work, and deleteing the host deny line should then make having a
hosts allow line irrelevant, right?

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