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jeremy bornstein uke at jeremy.org
Fri Mar 22 03:58:21 EST 2002

On Thu, Mar 21, 2002 at 08:39:44AM -0600, Dave Dykstra wrote:
> You probably ought to use the --whole-file option of rsync then because
> the rolling checksums are only going to slow you down.

Ah, thanks!

> > Oh, do you mean you fiddle the mtimes of the source files to be the same
> > as those of the destination files, and you want rsync to therefore
> > not transfer them?
> >
> > Rather than going to all that trouble, why not just have your script
> > produce an exclude file?

No, that isn't it. (Btw I don't seem to have received the original
mail from Martin, only Dave's quoted version of it.)

After determining the list of files to transfer with the patched
rsync, based on mod dates, I encrypt each modified file and set the
encrypted file's mod date to match the mod date of the *local* file.

> Yes, and use --ignore-times to always transfer the files you select.

This isn't necessary.  Only files to be transferred are encrypted, and
the encrypted files are placed in a directory all their own--a
different directory than where the original source files are.  Thus
the second time I call rsync--when the actual transfers are
performed--rsync only sees the files which have already been encrypted
and which are intended for transfer.  It's only necessary to ensure
that rsync doesn't delete files absent in the source tree--which is
fine with me since the dest tree is a backup, after all.

It seems that I must be explaining this terribly--I apologize!


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