Suspicious sizes by different C compilers

'Martin Pool' mbp at
Wed Mar 20 16:54:36 EST 2002

On 19 Mar 2002, "Granzow, Doug (NCI)" <granzowd at> wrote:
> >On gcc, rsync builds by default with debug symbols included.  If you
> >strip both executables, they should end up about the same size.
> How do you "strip" an executable?  

Use "make install-strip", or see the manual for your system's "strip"

  # strip /usr/bin/rsync

> Would doing this reduce the amount of memory rsync uses or improve
> its performance?

No, having debug symbols should not make a significant difference with
gcc on modern systems, as far as I know.  The pages containing debug
symbols will not be loaded into memory until they're touched. 


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