rsync 2.5.4 problem crossing file systems

George.R.Goffe at George.R.Goffe at
Tue Mar 19 13:09:55 EST 2002


I just built this new version last week and am trying to rsync a running
systems boot drive to an alternate drive on a different system (not running
on the rsync drive target). The rsync seems to be crossing file system
boundaries in spite of the -x flag. Can anyone help me with this please?
I've also submitted a bug report.

I'm running the rsync from a script that, now that I look at it, might be
confusing rsync. I've enclosed the script below.



#!/bin/sh -xv

 /usr/lsd/SunOS.5.7/bin/rsync -vvacrRlpogtxz --stats --progress $*

 cd /             ;rsync *
 cd /usr          ;rsync *
 cd /opt          ;rsync *
 cd /var          ;rsync *
 cd /apps         ;rsync *
 cd /export/home  ;rsync *

 exit 0

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