rsync -f ?

Mahling, Andreas andreas.mahling at
Mon Mar 18 20:19:46 EST 2002


I'm new with rsync (shame on me ignoring this great tool for many years!)
For the following question I could not get an answer from the docs:

Is it possible to run rsync in a force mode like `cp -f´ for overwriting
files without write permission? I need this for a local rsync. 
What I'm actually doing is to run 
`find . -type f -perm u-w -exec chmod u+w {} \;´
on the destination directory before rsync. This works but I'm loosing the
original permissions.
The rsync run has its source on a local Linux filesystem and the destination
on a Netware filesystem, which is ncp-mounted, so I am always the owner of
the files (from the Linux view). 

Thanks in advance for any help,

Andreas Mahling
Kassenaerztliche Vereinigung Berlin   

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