rsync-2.5.4 -- 'make install-strip' failure

Peter Breitenlohner peb at
Fri Mar 15 21:42:55 EST 2002


I have already sent this once, but since the problem persists here it is again.

Please consider the attached patch for inclusion in the rsync distribution.

The patch fixes the problem that 'make install-strip' tries to strip the
manpages and thus fails.

An other part of the patch adds DESTDIR (for package building). This is
nowadays part of all automake generated Makefile's, but if you really don't
want it, just remove that part.

In any case 'make install-strip' MUST NOT FAIL!!!!!!!

Peter Breitenlohner <peb at>
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diff -ur rsync-2.5.4.orig/ rsync-2.5.4/
--- rsync-2.5.4.orig/	Mon Feb 25 19:48:25 2002
+++ rsync-2.5.4/	Fri Mar 15 11:29:13 2002
@@ -52,15 +52,15 @@
 man: rsync.1 rsyncd.conf.5
 install: all
-	-mkdir -p ${bindir}
-	${INSTALLCMD} -m 755 rsync ${bindir}
-	-mkdir -p ${mandir}/man1
-	-mkdir -p ${mandir}/man5
-	${INSTALLCMD} -m 644 $(srcdir)/rsync.1 ${mandir}/man1
-	${INSTALLCMD} -m 644 $(srcdir)/rsyncd.conf.5 ${mandir}/man5
+	-mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)${bindir}
+	${INSTALLCMD} ${STRIP} -m 755 rsync $(DESTDIR)${bindir}
+	-mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)${mandir}/man1
+	-mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)${mandir}/man5
+	${INSTALLCMD} -m 644 $(srcdir)/rsync.1 $(DESTDIR)${mandir}/man1
+	${INSTALLCMD} -m 644 $(srcdir)/rsyncd.conf.5 $(DESTDIR)${mandir}/man5
+	$(MAKE) STRIP='-s' install
 rsync: $(OBJS)
 	@echo "Please ignore warnings below about mktemp -- it is used in a safe way"

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