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Stadler, Brian T bstadler at ukans.edu
Fri Mar 15 09:21:56 EST 2002

All, I am having some trouble and hope someone can help.

I have any anonymous rsync server on a "master" web server.  I then have
"client" web servers which use rsync to pull data off the master to update
their files.  Problem, the client can update existing files and retrieve new
ones but are unable to delete files locally which have been removed from the
master server.  I have listed the config files for the server and the
clients below.  Someone let me know if I'm missing something please.  I'm
not on this list so please CC me on the replies.

Greatly appreciated.


logfile = /var/log/rsyncd.log
lockfile = /var/run/rsyncd.lock

path = /usr/www/Content
comment = Ads
read only = Yes
list = yes
host allow = *.*.*.*/22  (asterisks just for privacy)


script on client machines

rsync -az --update --delete masterserverip::Ads/ /usr/www/Content

Brian Stadler
Information Systems
Kansas University Athletics Corporation
bstadler at ukans.edu

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