Should these errors matter?

Jie Gao J.Gao at
Thu Mar 14 17:00:35 EST 2002

On Thu, 14 Mar 2002, Martin Pool wrote:

> On 14 Mar 2002, Jie Gao <J.Gao at> wrote:
> > Hi All,
> >
> > rsync-2.5.4
> >
> > I'm getting these errors:
> Thanks for sending the log.  That really helps.

Thanks for your reply.

> Are you perhaps running 'make test' as root?  That would probably
> explain the failure of daemon-gzip-download and daemon-gzip-upload,
> which have little bugs in this respect at the moment.  Could you
> please try building and testing as some other account?

You are exactly right: I was running as root. Changing as another
user got rid of the first two errors.

> And are you perhaps on a Solaris machine?  There's some kind of
> problem on the Solaris shell with symlink-ignore.test.  If you know sh
> and could sort out what we're doing wrong that would be nice.

This is from Solaris 7's manual for if:

     The -L option is a migration aid for users of  other  shells
     which  have  similar  options  and  may  not be supported in
     future releases.

and indeed it does not support this option in this very release!

So you need to use the -h flag for Solaris in the following in symlink-ignore.test:

OS=`/bin/uname -s`
RELEASE=`/bin/uname -r`

if [ "$OS" = "SunOS" -a \($RELEASE = '5.7' -o $RELEASE = '5.8'\) ]
    if [ -h "${todir}/dangling" ]
        test_fail "dangling symlink was copied"
    if [ -h "${todir}/relative" ]
        test_fail "relative symlink was copied"

    if [ -h "${todir}/absolute" ]
        test_fail "absolute symlink was copied"

> So overall it is probably safe to install it.



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