[rsync-announce] Graphical rsync!

David Starks-Browning starksb at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Mar 13 21:33:53 EST 2002

On Tuesday 12 Mar 02, rsync-announce-admin at lists.samba.org writes:
> Hello,
> Something very much resembling a graphical win32-based front-end for rsync
> is available at http://sync2nas.sourceforge.net  It is released under the
> BSD license for all to enjoy.
> A few caveats:
> *  It reportedly only works on WinNT/Win2K.  Win9x is being looked into at
>    this time.
> *  It is written in Perl/Tk, although all portability conceits were
>    abandoned fairly early on, and it currently makes quite a few
>    assumptions that only make sense under win32.  It was subsequently
>    turned into a win32 executable through the magic of ActiveState tools.
> *  It is bundled with rsync 2.4.6 and a cygwin1.dll, which can be replaced
>    with newer versions at whim.
> ...

Are you also distributing the source to cygwin1.dll?  It is illegal
not to.


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