no files are transferred?

'mbp at' mbp at
Wed Mar 13 16:21:11 EST 2002

Hi Julie,

> I am setting up rsync via the server method and am having a problem with
> syncing from a local server to the remote server.  The command lists the
> files that should be transferred but they never are.  However if I am on the
> remote machine and request an rsync from the local then this works.
> ie:
> # rsync -avz /local/fs remote::test
> 	This is not working, it lists the files that are to be transferred
> but they are not received on the server "remote" in the "test" user.
> # rsync -avz remote:test /local/fs
> 	This is working.
> Do you have any advice on the matter? Basically I want the local machine to
> put files on the remote system, I do not want the remote system to get the
> files.

Please check that you set the "read only = no" option on the server's
rsyncd.conf.  To promote security, the default setting is read-only.
Also please look in the log file on the server.

What version of rsync and platform are you using?


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