Patch: --drop-suid Remove suid/sgid from target files

Martin Pool mbp at
Wed Mar 13 10:47:19 EST 2002

On 12 Mar 2002, Dave Dykstra <dwd at> wrote:
> If we would add an option to do that functionality, I would vote for one
> that was more general which could mask off any set of permission bits and
> possibly add any set of bits.  Perhaps a chmod-like syntax if it could be
> implemented simply.

I think that would be good too.  For example, people uploading files
to a web server might like to say

  rsync -avzP --chmod a+rX ./

Ideally the patch would implement as many of the gnu chmod semantics
as possible.  I think the mode parser should be a separate function
that passes back something like (mask,set) description to the rest of
the program.  For bonus points there would be a test case for the


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