Need help getting rsync working...

Rsync mail Account rsyncuser at
Tue Mar 12 19:26:12 EST 2002

I have so far been unable to get rsync to work properly in a test setup.
Does anyone have any ideas?

Both PCs are running RedHat 7.2.

The Server:

IP Address
Server Name: RH72TB
hosts.allow   ALL:
path = /tmp

The Client:

IP Address
hosts file:    RH72TB

I have run "rsync --daemon" on the server.

There is a file called "sheepb.jpg" in the /tmp directory of the Client that
has been chmod-ed to 777. I am logged in with the same username and password
on both of the PCs.

On the Client, I run: "rsync /tmp/sheepb.jpg RH72TB:tmp/"

Result after 30 seconds:
RH72TB: Connection refused
unexpected EOF in read_timeout

There is nothing in /var/log/messages.

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