Problems with 2.5.3 under Debian Linux

Martin Pool mbp at
Tue Mar 12 14:30:11 EST 2002

On 11 Mar 2002, rsync at wrote:
> I'm having serious problems with the current 2.5.3 release under
> Debian "testing" and the 2.4.19-pre2 Linux kernel.
> As you can see from the appended build log, I get many compiler
> warnings. More seriously, when I install and try to use the
> resulting binaries over ssh, things bomb horribly, e,g:

The warnings are OK -- I've turned up the default level because we
ought to fix them eventually, but they're not the problem now.

Unfortunately the zlib security fix was broken in 2.5.3.  I think it's
fixed now in 2.5.4pre1.  If you can, please try 2.5.4pre1 and see if
that will fix it; alternatively don't use -z.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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