Question on the using of --delete option with rsync

Andy Lam andyl at
Tue Mar 12 04:16:45 EST 2002


I have searched through most of the rsync FAQ and can't find any similar
cases.  I'm hoping someone in this mailing list may have done it in the
past and can shred lights on me.

First of all, I am not new to "rsync" and we have been using it to
move/mirror data across our internal network of servers.  ( a wonderful

Currently, I'm planning to use rsync to mirror the web contents from our
internal staging server to the external website at one of the ISP.  The
requirement is:

Mirror the contents from A --To --B , but do not delete any temporary
files created by the applications on B.  It would be easier if I could
use the --exclude option to exclude those filename from the destination
B., but I have no way idea what those filenames are.  The application
server creates temporary lock files and customer's data, etc.

To accomodate the above requirement, I took out the --delete option, but
the problem was, if a file was to be removed from the contents on A, it
doesn't remove from B as well.

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