rsync processes never die

Martin Pool mbp at
Mon Mar 11 13:54:41 EST 2002

On  7 Mar 2002, Scott Russell <lnxgeek at> wrote:

> I'm using rsync 2.5.2 but have seen this with 2.5.1. My system is Red Hat
> 7.2 with the current errata updates. Using rsyncd with xinetd it seems as if
> old processes never go away. For example right now I have 3 open rsync
> connections according to netstat -nap but 30 rsync --daemon
> processes going!

I think this might be fixed in 2.5.3pre:

    * Fix for rsync server processes hanging around after the client
      unexpectedly disconnects.  (Colin Walters) (Debian bug #128632)

Please let us know if that does not fix the problem.


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